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"I have been going to Dr. Mike for about 8 years now and I couldn't be happier. When I started I suffered from multiple health issues and chronic back pain. Over the course of the last 8 years he has eliminated my chronic back pain, lessened my migraines, kept me pain-free and healthy throughout pregnancy, encouraged me on my weight loss journey, and treated multiple muscle injuries and bulging discs. His use of traditional chiropractic care as well as e-stim, light therapy, decompression and kinesio-taping all combine to provide comprehensive health care. He provides care not only for me, but my entire family and is genuinely concerned with our overall health."
-Lisa V.

"When I first started working with Dr. Valier, I could barely go from sitting to standing without a sharp pain in my lower back and hips. This was due to a sports injury I suffered from a bad combination of golf and exercise in the spring of 2016. Being a teaching professional, it was crucial I get my body to the point where I can demonstrate and play with my students. And by the first month, I was back on the course. Without Dr. Valier's guidance, knowledge, and chiropractic techniques.. I would still be limping around today and limited on the links. We now work as a team to make sure my body can endure the intensity of my workouts combined with a sport that's not too healthy for the back. I've had a lot of issues my entire life and all of those seem to be a distant memory thanks to Mike and his team at Family Chiropractic. Thank you so much!"
-Bryan C., PGA

"I've been to several other chiropractors in recent years, and Dr. Mike offers the best care. He has helped me recover from spraining my back in a car wreck and also from a hip issue caused by a previous chiropractor. He even helped me regain mobility in a previously broken foot. He patiently offers exercise tips and everyday advice that help me run and be active without the pain I once had. I appreciate that he answers my questions without rushing me, even when my questions are different from the reason for my initial appointment."
-Sharon R.

"I've been a chiropractic patient most of my life and have been under the care of chiropractors in three states and three countries. Having worked for a chiropractor I learned guidelines in how to choose the best. I feel that Dr. Mike Vallier is definitely one of the best and his care is complete and thorough. He's the third chiropractor I've seen in Colorado Springs and I don't need to look further. He is professional, caring and goes the extra mile to help his patients."
-Pam R.

"I strongly recommend Dr. Mike Valier as a chiropractic therapist. He's a very talented, perceptive healer with skill in a range of traditional and cutting edge treatment approaches. In my case, he's helped me come back from traumatic hip and leg injuries from a bike vs auto collision. After multiple fractures healed, I was left with what I thought might be a permanent limp and limited biking and hiking function. However, weekly sessions with Dr. Valier and his intuitive ability to sense and discover root causes and use multiple therapies, has made a remarkable difference. Due in large part to his help the last two years, I am now biking 5,000 miles a year, have all but eliminated my limp, and have significantly improved mobility and flexibility."
-Jim B.

"I totally recommend Health Unlimited Colorado to anyone seeking pain relief, better overall health and wellbeing, and personable, caring and professional health care. I have been seeing Michael Valier as my chiropractor for eight years since my mom recommend him. I have arthritis, degenerative bone and disks in my neck and lower lumbar that I originally went to see him for helping me with the pain. I have since been seeing Dr. Valier to keep my back in alignment and work on my shoulders and ankles to keep me strong in my active lifestyle and I believe, out of surgery. I started seeing Jessica Valier on a regular basis this past year as my naturopath, and the results have given less joint pain and an overall higher energy level and a good balance physically."
-Roslyn B.

"Dr. Mike Valier reads an athlee’s body like no other Chiropractor. Starting with x-rays of the skeletal system and evaluation of your background in sport, he quickly starts to learn your history and goals as an athlete, and is focused on keeping you healthy by working on the areas that may inhibit movement or range of motion. If there’s an injury or problem, he knows how to fix it. If it’s the normal day-to-day athlete stiffness and soreness, he knows how to adjust the body to alleviate that. For more complicated or severe injuries, he’s patient and tenacious on getting you back in the most appropriate time possible. The beauty of Dr. Mike's practice is that he can both elevate athletic performance with consistent regular adjustments and adjust treatment to speed up recovery. Dr. Mike stays on the cutting edge of the chiropractic and sport science world with self-study, partnerships, and his practice. I highly recommend getting in to see him today if you haven’t already!"
-Coach Adam P.

"Since using chiropractic care for 40 years in different parts of the country I am convinced of the benefits and know the quality of Dr I prefer. I was referred to Dr Mike 2 years ago and was immediately impressed by the knowledgeable, concise, and confident manner he presented himself. Since that time, I have found him also to be respectful, kind, and understanding with a calm demeanor and ability to listen to my issues. Dr Mike has custom tailored treatments for my long term neck and arm work related issues and recent scoliosis injury which was what led me to seek a new chiropractor. His treatment plan and suggestions for self care outside of his office have been right on and I value his opinion greatly. I have never felt rushed on appointments and my questions have been thoroughly answered after every appointment. Without hesitation , I refer my own clients , family and friends knowing they will receive excellent care. Thank you Dr Mike for keeping me in the stream of life!"
-Linda M.

"Best chiropractor in town! Dr Mike is very knowledgeable and helpful. I credit him with my recovery and refuse to see any other chiropractors for 8 years now. The rates are fair and there are many other services available such as estim and massage therapy. The Staff is caring and patient. I would highly recommend!"
-Kristina C.

"When I first met Dr. Mike Valier, I was experiencing extreme pain that shot from my neck into my back. This pain was sometimes so excruciating that carrying a purse or computer bag was difficult. After an X-ray, Dr. Mike explained that I had degenerative discs in my neck and lower back. During the treatments, Dr. Mike gently adjusts my back and maneuvers soft-tissue. He skillfully uses tape, impulse and rapid-release techniques to assist my back realignment. Dr. Mike has been personable and professional. He has taken extra time to listen and discern my unique situation. I’m grateful to be mostly pain-free and enjoy healthier quality of life. I’m thankful for the uniquely designed program for my ongoing back and neck care. Thank you, Dr. Mike!"
-Kathie C.


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