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About Dr. Jessica Valier

My holistic career began as a chiropractor, where my philosophy began with the idea that when you remove interferences on the nervous system with spinal adjustments, your body can begin to heal and respond naturally, as nature intended.  My initial chiropractic approach was to identify the cause of the problem, not just cover up a symptom.   My awareness grew quickly that adjusting alone did not seem to handle the problems patients were dealing with, or that those adjustments were not holding as long as they should.  That is when I realized something else must be affecting the body, and thus started my homeopathic and intense nutrition training.  What we choose to eat or not eat is critical, not only for our daily function, but for our overall health.   I learned firsthand that my eating habits in the past created many problems in the future, and I was determined to learn all I could to help myself, my family, and each person I meet who seeks answers about their health and has a willingness to live a wellness lifestyle.  I truly believe that each challenge that we have had, and will have, are there to teach us a life’s lesson, show us a gift that we did not realize we had, and make us stronger people on a spiritual level. 

I have an immense passion for the nutritional work that I do.  Not only do I want to assist in improving the health of everyone I meet in my practice (if they are willing to do their part), but I love to see the changes in people as they begin to understand that they have the choice to be healthy.  Knowledge is breaking things down to be understood, but wisdom is putting pieces together.  It’s how I view our bodies and our health, when we put the integral parts together of the bio-chemical, emotional and structural – our personal power, or spirit, transcends to new and amazing levels of optimal health.  This is possible for anyone, and I am living proof.  I will now share parts of my journey in this website, knowing that a part or parts will resonate with you, or someone you know.

 What I do focuses on the hidden barriers of healing, identifying toxins such as heavy metals, environmental chemicals, scar tissue, immune challenges, parasites, yeast, food allergies and other potential stressors that are most commonly “unknown” to the patient.  I utilize a non-invasive holistic approach that provides feedback from your own body through the natural reflexes with which you and I were born.  The gift of this process is that you finally receive answers about your body;  if you have been searching for a reason why your health is not up to par, or the identification of any potential challenges that may be taken care of before a symptom occurs, which is ultimately the desired wellness lifestyle.  (See What I Do Section for more)

As a mother of four, a wife, a business owner, a holistic practitioner, and all the other hats I wear… I choose to live a wellness-lifestyle.  It’s about walking the walk, breathing, speaking and educating from my heart, setting examples for my children, friends, patients, and others I am fortunate enough to meet.  I desire vitality for my health - to reach new limits with what I can do and feel - and I desire a lifestyle that serves me, so I can serve others.  My style and approach is intended to make health exciting and achievable with any age.


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