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Goodbye Acid Reflux Once and For All!

“In February of 2008 my stomach began giving me problems with acid reflux.  I’d had acid reflux about 12 years ago, so I knew what the symptoms were, however this time it was really intense.  I went to a traditional doctor, he requested an endoscope and it showed there were no ulcers.  The doctor recommended I begin taking Nexium; this offered no relief so they doubled the dose – I was taking 40 mg per day.  I still couldn’t eat much of anything, even regular fruits and vegetable could spike the heartburn; my sto told me about chiropractic care, so I began multiple week adjustments and that was wonderful to experience, however, my stomach still was not healing.  I lost 14 pounds energy and ability to think clearly.  

The Nexium was causing my personality to change and I felt on edge most of the time.  In September of 2008 I was at my wit’s end with not getting better and I was in constant pain.  My best friend told me about a one-night seminar Dr. Jessica was giving on stress and its effects.  I listened hesitantly but decided to give her natural testing a try.  Dr. Jessica tested me and found that PARASITES were causing me grief.  I began my regimen to rid myself of these pesky tyrants and after about 2 By Christmas I was eating near normal and today – bring on the salsa!  I’m thankful for Dr. Jessica’s sensitivity, professionalism, and personal attention t detail.  I have my workplace and will continue to share this information with anyone n search of a solution, not just a medical cover-up.”  

Living Life to the fullest in Monument!


How Heavy Metals Were Robbing My Health!

“I met Dr. Jessica at a seminar about sleep problems.  I had been feeling overly stressed, impatient and I wasn’t sleeping very well.  She talked about time management, eating correctly, eating naturally, and exercising to de-stress and improve sleep.  I went to see her the next week and she asked me many questions about my health and eating and lifestyle habits.  Then she did the nutrition testing on me and found that I had an overabundance of metals in my system which were making me tired and cranky.  She gave me specific vitamins to remove the metals, and as I began to take them, I started to notice that I felt better, started sleeping better, and had more energy.  She said most of us have an overabundance of metals in our bodies that are harmful, and she coached me on how to minimize my exposure to them.  As the metals continued to flush out of my system, my head became clearer and my energy level was increased.  Like unpeeling an onion, she began to encounter layers of toxins and chemicals that were in my body and she gave me whatever my body needed at the right time to get rid of it and heal.  I felt alive and healthy!  I recommend Dr. Jessica for anyone who doesn’t feel good, feel like exercising, doesn’t sleep well, or someone who just wants to feel better about life, their health and the about the holistic approach to their health!”

 J.C. – Colorado Springs 

Men’s Health!

Dr. Jessica,

I am amazed with what you were able to accomplish with my prostate challenges in such a short amount of time.  I have to admit that I was very skeptical initially with the holistic treatment approach; it is just so radically different from what I have become accustomed to as being “normal” that I had difficulty believing it could be effective.  I am very thankful that I was able to keep a somewhat open mind and see the cleansing through to completion.  I had truly incredible results in just a few weeks.  My regular energy levels are restored, the lower back pain is gone, and the plantar fasciitis symptoms in my feet are almost completely gone as well. It is a remarkable difference and I am truly thankful for the improvements you made in my health and life.

Ron S.

Recapture Your Health Again!

“What I appreciate most about Dr. Jessica is that she is so caring and understanding.  Even though she has many patients, she takes as much time as needed to talk to me and makes me feel that she is truly concerned about how I am doing.  She is very knowledgeable and passionate about helping people to feel the best they can.  I am very thankful that each week she suggests different supplements be added or taken away, and that they are helping me to feel better.  After just a few days on her recommended supplements and foods, I was feeling more energized, thinking clearer, and feeling much like my “old self”.  I am truly excited as I am looking forward to eventually replacing some prescription meds with natural alternatives.  I am telling my family and all my friends about Dr. Jessica.”

Sally from Colorado Springs

Holistic Approach Heals

“I met Dr. Jessica a couple of years ago through my chiropractor.  My adjustments would not hold long and he thought other things might be causing this.  So I started to see Dr. Jessica and the nutrition testing that she does really helped a lot my symptoms go away and I had more energy.  Last summer, I was working a new job around high amounts of chlorine and I did not feel well.  Dr. Jessica tested me and found that I had chemicals, including chlorine, in my system, and I had not even told her I had this new job or new exposure.  I was able to cleanse the chlorine and other chemicals out, and I felt much better again.  The nutrition testing that she does is easy and painless.  Some people may think it is strange, but, I can tell anyone that it does work.  You do have to take supplements, but they are so healthy and specific for you, they are not drugs.  Results happen if you make the changes she recommends, as well as taking the products.  I totally believe in naturally caring for my health.  Namaste, Dr. Jessica.”

Crystal Dojcak

I have been able to lose 40 pounds!

I am a 56 year old woman. I have been a lifetime member of weight watchers for over 25 years. I was at a point in my life where I couldnt lose weight, no matter what I did. Weight Watchers just didnt work for me anymore. 

I started seeing Dr. Jessica about six months ago. With her guidance and support, I have been able to lose 40 pounds. I am at my goal weight, and feel better than I have in years. Dr. Jessica listens to all my concerns and is a really good encourager. She is very knowledgeable about diet and explained the way the body works. I now understand how everything works together to produce a favorable outcome. I feel I have the information I need to keep the weight off and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I am so happy I found Dr. Jessica. 

Shawn Bervig - Colorado Springs

I have experienced true healing!

Dear Dr. Jessica,

Thank you for the opportunity to share with others a testimony of how your passion for health and healing others, your practice, and homeopathic medicine has helped me and my family:

3 years ago, I was suffering from debilitating 24/7 headaches with often and severe migraines that would take away my speech, vision and motor skills. After a year of trying to find a cure using conventional methods, after numerous referrals to specialists, I was left with taking 10-12 pills a day, worse day by day and an illness that was affecting me in every aspect of my life. 

I was told about Dr. Jessica by some friends that had seen great results with a respiratory illness. Having nothing to lose, I visited her office. From the first visit, she was compassionate, caring, and had a sense of urgency to find the source of my condition. Treatment started with detoxing my liver that was poisoned with processing all the conventional drugs I had been taking " anti-seizure drugs, narcotic pain killers, sleeping pills, anti-anxiety meds, steroids, neck/temple Botox to numb the pain; you name it, I was prescribed it. 

With every visit, she peeled off a symptom uncovering the source of my illness. Even when it got tough she was able to guide me in the process. After six months of treatment and six more to completely get off all of the drugs previously prescribed by conventional practice, I have experienced true healing, vitality, zero migraines or headaches, and the normal life I had been hoping for so long.

I highly recommend Dr. Jessica! Before you visit the next conventional doctor only to be bounced back and forth through the health system " give your life a chance for healing.

My trust in her methods are so great that when my 6 year old daughter started with allergies and a lingering upper respiratory infection, my first choice was to take her to see Dr. Jessica. Within weeks her symptoms were gone. Her recovery is such that she is able to play with her beloved pets without fear of breaking into a complete rash. Last time she got a common cold, she recovered in a day and taking homeopathic anti-viral and anti-bacterial remedies, where other kids at her school were out sick for over a week with lingering coughs. With that said, we are so blessed to have Dr. Jessica as our family doctor. 

With respect and appreciation, Maria
Colorado Springs, CO

Dr. Jessica, she is one of my favorite things!

If youve ever seen an episode of Oprahas Favorite Things then youll have an idea of how I feel about Dr. Jessica, she is one of my favorite things! I tell everyone I know about Dr. Jessica and what she has done for my life. Its almost comical to think back of how I stumbled into her office for my initial visit, I was a bit skeptical but I was willing to risk it because I was tired of feeling so poorly. Granted, appointments with Dr. Jessica are unlike traditional doctor appointments, however its a comfortable experience that produces results. Life changing results at that.

T.S. - Colorado Springs

Quinn was a new kid! 

"We first saw Dr. Jessica when my son Quinn was four years old. By the time we saw her, he was feeling fatigued and tired, and was only able to eat a few bites of food at meals before feeling nauseated and full. He also had eczema on both of his arms that had appeared about six months prior to our appointment. Within 48 hours of our appointment with Dr. Jessica, Quinn was a new kid! He had more energy than he had had in weeks, his appetite was back and he could eat food again without feeling nausea. Per Jessica's suggestions, we put him on a super food diet, cut out the offending foods that were causing Quinn's body distress, and started some supplements. Within three months, Quinn was back to eating "normal" and we were able to reintroduce the foods we had cut out and his eczema was gone!"

Laura Tefertiller, CCE, CLE, CPD

Birth's Journey Natural Childbirth Classes 
Certified Childbirth Educator
Certified Lactation Educator
Certified Postpartum Doula

Thank you Dr. Jess for caring, for sharing your knowledge with us!

My daughter was referred to see Dr. Jess 3 years ago, by a co-worker, after the western medicine docs were unsuccessful to figure out what was "wrong" with her health. We were kind of skeptical but after feeling hopeless for many years of no answers, we decided to give it a try. Jessica is very warm, caring, professional and knowledgeable. My daughter, who was only 19 at the time had many layers, parasites, yeast, retro virus, and hormonal imbalances... finally answers to her tiredness, headaches, general aches and pains. Then I decided to give it a try... all my life I was told I had IBS, in other words they did not know the cause of my symptoms, BUT Dr. Jess did and now they are gone. I am SO thankful to finally have answers to our health issues. Next, my son went to see Dr. Jess, his foggy head cleared up as well as his acne. Finally, my husband saw Jess, and we found that mold was causing his headaches. Thank you Dr. Jess for caring, for sharing your knowledge with us, and giving us our health back. I recommend everyone to see Dr. Jess. 

Renee S. - Colorado Springs

I feel like she really is an expert in her field!

I have been seeing Dr. Jessica for 2 years now, having originally become her patient because I suffer from auto immune disorders. Her approach to my bodys health has always been so very thorough. Since, at 76 years of age, it is my desire to maintain good health and to enjoy life as long as I am living, I really appreciate her natural treatments without the use of medication. I feel like she really is an expert in her field, and her methods are very affordable.

Lowell Anderson

She also helped me maintain my health!

I started seeing Dr. Jess when I was having some trouble with candida overgrowth. All of the remedies I was trying at home weren't giving me the results I wanted and I wasn't sure what to do. I had never heard of nutrition response testing and I wasn't sure how it worked, but I knew I needed help. Dr. Jess was extremely knowledgeable and was able to help me very quickly. She also helped me maintain my health while I was pregnant, keeping my candida problem under control and providing me with the best supplements for both me and my baby. The non-invasive homeopathic solution she provides is perfect for anyone wishing to achieve and maintain health.

Lisa Virgil author of Fat To Gym Rat


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