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Chemicals are more prevalent and overused than ever, and their harmful effects on our bodies are underestimated.  These chemicals come from continuous crops, fertilizers, medications, packaged/processed foods, synthetic vitamins, and daily products we use on our bodies to name a few.  Everyday our bodies are bombarded with chemicals, ingested in foods and drinks, absorbed through our skin, and breathed in through our airways. 

The problems are:

 Most people are not aware of the negative effects of chemicals, especially the long term.  Think of it this way, if you are exposed to chemicals one time and never again, they may still be trapped in your cells causing problems.  Now we face a more constant exposure to chemicals, and this may be the cause of your body’s imbalance.  Chemicals can interfere with any gland or organ, and they may be the cause of your fatigue, hormone problems or overeating.  This is the citical WHY portion that drives me in my practice.  I understand people have this or that, but going further with finding out why your adrenals, pituitary, thyroid or liver function less in your body. The testing I do to assist us in discovering these answers means that we are not guessing or making the problem worse.  My intention is not to give a nutritional product to cover up a symptom, it is to find the source and remove it naturally so the body can finally begin to heal and learn to cleanse naturally at a higher capacity once again.

Most people are unaware of the sources of chemicals.  What I find clinically is many health issues have a connection to a chemical poisoning.  Sometimes the problem stems from a high dose of a certain chemical, or most commonly it is a continual exposure or ingesting of too many unnatural chemicals.  The level of toxicity in each person’s body is dependent on the body’s ability to remove naturally the toxic chemicals (detoxification), and the degree of exposure to specific chemicals and toxins.

Simply put, for your understanding, this is how chemical poisoning occurs in a human body.  There is overwhelm – levels of chemical substances enter the body at a rate higher than the body can get rid of them.  Think of one day’s worth:  shampoo, conditioner, hair products, toothpaste, mouthwash, preservatives or dyes from packaged or fast food breakfast “food”, commercial coffee, lotions, skincare, aftershave, make-up, nail polish, hair dye, medications, detergents in your clothes, and by the way this is the first hour of your day!  See list of Most Common Sources of Toxic Chemicals and Heavy Metals in Your Life for other common sources of harmful chemicals. 

Overwhelm also occurs from powerful high doses of toxins, some occupational. Even exhaust fumes can be toxic enough to send someone into a debilitating migraine or seizure.  Our bodies are weakened due to several factors, such as surgeries, illnesses, toxicities from heavy metals or immune challenges, physical or emotional stress.  Now add almost perpetual chemical exposure, and the toxic substances will be stored in the areas of your body weakened by your lifestyle.  This is why I insist on a muscle testing approach, because each person is different as to where imbalances occur and what the toxins are. If someone takes a “Guess Cleanse”, they can make their body much worse.

The bottom line is that the types and amounts of chemicals that our bodies are ingesting and storing are not made for our bodies, nor do they serve a purpose in our bodies.  Most chemicals like saccharin have been shown to be cancer-causing agents in rats.  While other countries have banned this specific chemical for this reason, our country still allows it.  Another chemical is formaldehyde, which is released as a by-product in your body if you drink diet pop.  It is also released from new building materials in your home, and is contained in many vaccines (flu vaccine), and fingernail polish.  Check your toothpaste, your chewing gum, and everything you have in your possession.  Start asking questions and do research as you decide to choose natural and organic products.

Many chemicals have estrogen-like properties, and they clearly interfere with the body’s normal physiology and biochemistry.  Therefore, when you have a hormonal imbalance, realize it may be coming from the products you have been using for years!  They are possibly affecting your glands creating a hormonal imbalance.  I hope you see where this is going.  Unfortunately, long term effects of many chemicals are unknown, but just know they are not helping your body heal.

Clinically I have found that chemicals have an affinity for the endocrine system, which is the “hormonal” system with which most women struggle, as well as joints, muscles and the nervous system.  Chemicals can be anywhere in the body, and they usually are.  These are just common patterns that I see in my practice, and with specific cleansing, a hormonal battle or frustration can begin to ease, and the body can once again start to heal and improve function.

My Recommended Solution to Chemical Poisoning is:

First, come in and receive the nutritional muscle testing to see if you have chemical poisoning; through this non-invasive approach, we can identify what chemicals you have and where they are in your body.

Second, I will give you a specific cleanse that is muscle-tested to meet your body’s needs so that you not only cleanse and flush, but also restore your body’s natural ability to detoxify so you do not need to rely on continual cleansing from products.

Third, learn about your routines and products you use.  Minimize your exposure and switch to natural products, and I can coach you on those.

Then your body can heal and function at a higher level.


Heavy metals such as lead, aluminum, mercury, arsenic, and nickel are other highly common stressors, which enter into our system from many sources, such as vaccines, dental fillings and braces, make-up, cookware, water, and treated wood.  Heavy metals are just as prevalent as chemicals, they interrupt the nervous system circuits, create deficiencies in the body, block receptors on the cells that should be attracting and responding to hormones, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. For example, if someone has leg cramps due to a deficiency of magnesium and other minerals due to heavy metal overload, supplementing with calcium and magnesium is a band-aid approach, removing the heavy metals is the cause of the deficiency, and that is the goal of what I do.  Heavy Metal Poisoning is similar in the way chemicals react in our bodies; I work with detoxing and clearing metals similar to chemicals, and that is why they are included in this section.

Most Common Sources of Toxic Chemicals and Heavy Metals in Your Life

(These pass into your body via airways, skin absorption or ingesting through mouth ~ and what you want to know is if they passed out through your normal elimination routes, which are bowels, urine, airways or skin.  This may be the hidden piece that needs to be addressed in your health!)

The following toxic substances listed in bold are the chemicals and metals for which I test in each person, each visit.

Chlorine in water in which you shower, bathe & swim, drinking water, cleaning supplies such as bleach, bleached flour products, and more!

Plastic chemicals leach into your body from water bottles, drink and food containers, packaged foods, pacifiers, diapers, kid’s sippie cups, some dance and gymnastics clothing, other clothes, dental and sports mouth guards, lining of canned foods, lawn furniture, garden hose, vinyl toys and flooring, shower curtains, extension cords, some food wraps, and more!

Formaldehyde is a byproduct of the chemical that is in diet anything, new building material, nail polish, most vaccines, carpets and more!  *note (DIET means they take out the sugar and replace it with another toxic, cancer-causing chemical – sugar is actually the lesser of the 2 evils!)  Drink water – see Hydration Section.

Food Dyes and Colors is in packaged foods, sports drinks, candy, kid’s “fruit” and “juice” products, and more!  If a product can stain a tongue or the floor when applied, why are we consuming them?

Pesticides are found in our commercial foods due to fertilizers, herbicides, bug-killers and sprays, commercial produce, anti-bacterial hand sanitizers and soaps, pet flea collars, flowers from garden, lawn & garden products, and more!

Fragrances and Perfumes are in colognes, perfumes, detergents, bathroom sprays, cleaning products, skincare products that are not natural, and more!

Medications themselves and their byproducts, found in over the counter and prescription meds, anything medicated, band-aids, antacids, steroid or cortisone creams, anything you buy at a pharmacy or receive from your prescribing doctor.  I legally cannot take anyone off of their prescribed medications, but what I can do is support your body nutritionally while you take them and you work with your doctor on weaning off or decreasing your doses while you repair with nutritional therapy.

Preservatives found in packaged foods, medications and more!  If a real food is packaged and set on the shelf, how long should it last?  I know several people who are conducting their own studies, including myself, who have fast food hamburgers that are over 2 years old, and there is no mold or deterioration on those burgers or buns.  Hmm.

Petroleum Solvents are found in many skincare products, laundry and household detergents, isopropyl alcohol, any household or occupational product that contains a “propyl” ingredient, and more!

Acetates/Acetones are found in nail polish and removers, paint thinners and removers, and more!

Dry Cleaning Chemicals form dry cleaners.  You can find cleaners who use a non-chemical approach.

Exhaust Fumes and Heavy Chemicals from vehicle emissions and chemicals such as dioxins, toluene, styrene, xylem, found in industrial activities and fires, enter the food chain and end up in fatty meats, fish and dairy products, and more!

Aluminum is found in antacids, antiperspirants, aluminum cans, kitchen utensils, paints, dental composites, cookware, and more!

Arsenic is found in pressure treated wood, wood preservatives, insecticides, wine, well water, seafood (shellfish), treated lumber, poisons, pigments and more!

Antimony is mainly found in pigments and medications.

Cadmium is found in evaporated milk, shellfish, cigarette smoke, water from galvanized pipes, sewage sludge, paint, pigments, air pollution and more!

Chromium is found in dyes, pigments, air pollution, dental crowns, pressure treated wood, synthetic vitamin supplements, and more!

Copper is in sewage sludge, copper plumbing, beer, swimming pools, inorganic or synthetic mineral supplements, dental crowns, copper cookware, and more!

Gold from dental crowns and fillings, jewelry, injections for arthritis and more!

Iron is from inks, dyes, paints, pigments, poor inorganic minerals in food, and more!

Lead is in paint, car exhaust fumes, plumbing, canned foods, hair dyes, newsprint, tap water and more!

Manganese is from ceramics, antiseptics, dyes, medicines, steel products, air pollution, water supply and more!

Mercury is in dental fillings, mercury vapor lamps, vaccinations, sewage sludge, skin lightening creams, seafood, polluted water, power plant emissions, and more!

Nickel is from dental crowns, braces, cigarettes, and more!

Silver is primarily found in jewelry and dental fillings.

Tin is canned foods.

Titanium is from implants, dental crowns, tap and well water, preservatives in medications, pigments in paint, and more!

Zinc is found in poor quality inorganic supplements in food and synthetic vitamin products.

Chemicals and Heavy Metals, at toxic levels, create an interference with the body’s normal processes.  These may be connected to your symptoms of fatigue, weight gain, hormonal imbalances, metabolism, sleep, eczema, psoriasis, headaches, brain fog, nerve conduction, decreased healing, lowered immune system, growth challenges and more!


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