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Food Allergies

You do not need to experience a panicky, throat-swelling, hive-producing reaction to have a food allergy.   Most allergic reactions to foods are in the form of symptoms (such as runny nose, eczema, headaches, fatigue, skin rashes, diarrhea, bloating/gas, acid reflux, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, increased blood sugar, pain, inflammation in other areas of the body, etc.) that can be easily masked by something else – such as “stress,” arthritis, or “diagnosed” conditions defined by their symptoms.  Food allergies and sensitivities are very common, easy to handle with a holistic approach, because the intention is finding the cause.  What commonly occurs with people suffering food allergies is that they do not know this, and choose to cover up the symptoms with a medication. They tolerate this treatment without finding out WHY.

I am sure you know someone who suffers from food allergies…possibly to even healthy foods such as raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds!  It’s absurd to think that our bodies choose to be allergic to the foods that grow in nature.  Hmmm…

More than likely, you, or they, are suffering symptoms of food sensitivities rather than true allergies.  The good news is that you, or they, can get over them!

In my practice, every person is muscle tested for food sensitivities – the most common ones being wheat, corn, soy, dairy, sugar and eggs.

Why is this?

Why are more and more people suffering from potentially life-threatening food allergies?

Why are health food stores catering to a growing number of people with food allergies as allergy lists keep increasing?

Because the cause is not being addressed…the symptoms are.  

You can never truly heal when this is the case.  

Think of it this way, the foods consumed are more and more processed. Chemicals, food dyes and preservatives are added so they can sit on the shelf longer.  Pesticides and fungicides are sprayed on our commercial produce, seeds and nuts to name a few.  Did you ever stop to think that a person with allergic reactions to foods is reacting to the harmful chemicals, or what has been done to the food while in storage instead of the food itself?  

Peanuts and cashews are two of the foods most sprayed for fungus and mold.  Think how much peanut butter and trail mix is consumed!  

Soybean is prominently used as filler in many foods, and it is one of the worst grains for the human body.  Soybean is cattle food.  It is a precursor to estrogen, it suppresses our thyroid gland along with the other endocrine glands, and it causes many allergic reactions in any age.  I highly recommend that no human consume soybean, especially children and women.  I cannot tell you how many women’s health turned around hormonally once the soy was removed from their diets…usually these women didn’t have any idea they were even consuming it!  Start reading labels.  Commercial peanut butter, breads, cereals, meats, infant formulas, and the obvious soy sauce are just a few of the harmful sources.

We wonder why our children are suffering so many allergies at young ages.  This is just a tip of the truth.  Therefore, the cliff notes version of food allergies is that the human body is reacting to a foreign substance (usually a chemical) in the foods, from that particular food or a previously weakened digestive system. The body has to store the foreign substance as a toxin to protect itself, the body then becomes overwhelmed due to the perpetual consumption of these foods (yes we are creatures of habit!).  What happens next is an over-stimulation of the body’s systems, specifically the immune system. 

Always remember that everything is connected in the body, therefore everything has to react by either stimulating or buffering a response.  We are intricately designed, and after continual poisoning, the body just cannot keep up with the demands.  Specific glands and organs in the body that were designed to handle such poisons begin to wear down, and elimination pathways are totally overwhelmed. 

This is an important point:  Elimination means getting rid of poisons with which the body cannot function properly, some produced by our own bodies and some from what we consume (eating, breathing, absorbing,etc).  There are four main routes of elimination and they are: Bowels, Kidneys/Bladder, Skin, Respiratory.

If there is a stressor in the body, like a chemical, virus, or a true food allergy, the body uses its natural systems to attempt to remove it from the body.  A person may experience diarrhea, constipation, bladder spasms or infections, kidney stones may begin to form, hypertension, swelling or water retention, rashes, eczema, asthma, chronic sinus problems, and more…but I want you to see a connection with symptoms from the different elimination pathways.  This is critical to understanding that the elimination routes are always trying to function, and the foods we consume can hinder this elimination; thereby, creating chronic symptoms which usually lead to a “diagnosis” that is treated with more chemicals (medications).  This is not the answer!  

The solution I use to handle food allergies is a common sense approach. The key is to identify the real stressors (get to the cause) and give the body the proper environment in which it is able to self-heal.  I do this by utilizing muscle testing and homeopathy in a specific pattern on the body, called Nutrition Response Testing™.  This allows the natural reflexes of the body to prioritize and signal what the true stressors are, where the stressors are causing distress, and what the body needs to remove this hidden barrier.  What is found is different for each person, and that is why kinesiology (muscle testing) must be done.  I recommend whole food and homeopathic remedies for which each person is tested.  We then begin to eliminate the poisons, apply appropriate enzyme therapy, with special attention on the liver, bowels and other elimination routes.  Many times the foods that actually do test as allergens or sensitivities are eliminated for a period of time, and reintroduction, with muscle testing, is performed on subsequent visits.  This gives the body a true healing environment, and decreases the stress on the body’s systems, allowing restoration of health, and foods that used to be taboo are enjoyed once again.


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