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Nutrition Healing

Wouldn’t you agree that our bodies are absolutely amazing in design, function, strength and adaptability?

Underneath our skin are magical, intricate, critical processes occurring without our awareness…formation and clearing of hormones and cholesterol, our beating heart, pulsing blood, oxygen exchange, natural detoxification and self-protection, millions of cells breaking down and rebuilding, and so much more happening ALL THE TIME!

What happens inside our bodies is human physiology and biochemistry, but the quality of our internal health processes depends on our lifestyle choices.  The question is, are we healing, functioning and repairing to the best of our ability?

In regards to Health, people live one of two ways:

The first way is “passively hoping” that what they are doing is working, and simply “wait’ for a problem to arise before seeking attention, possibly medicate or remove something to relieve the symptom, and not change a darn thing in their lifestyle.  This is a Reactive Lifestyle.

The second choice is “actively seeking” out better ways to eat and live healthy, becoming educated on true health, having the willingness to make changes and apply knowledge, investing in one’s health, and truly having the desire to live a wellness lifestyle. 

I personally choose the wellness lifestyle, not only because it makes sense, but because I feel healthy!

What I provide is a non-invasive analysis of the body, utilizing kinesiology (muscle testing) in a systematic approach that has been tested and clinically proven for decades.  The testing that I do is called Nutrition Response Testing™, and it is my passion, not only because the body is able to provide answers from the natural reflexes, but because it makes sense! 

This particular assessment completely helped me change my own health around, by giving me answers to questions I thought would never be answered, and I was able to have “myself” back after years of fatigue, hormonal, sleep and digestive problems to name a few.  Nutrition Response Testing™ determines the underlying causes of sub-optimal health, whether symptoms are present or not. The actual assessment is simple and direct, utilizing the natural neurological reflexes that are on the surface of the body.  The feedback given from the body is so accurate, there is absolutely no guesswork! 

I personally have found that the best way to understand your body is to experience this assessment yourself. 

What I provide:

  • Identification of your hidden barriers of healing
  • Determine your specific sequence of detoxing
  • Nourish and repair your body with clinically designed whole food supplements
  • Coaching of your daily food journals by encouraging healthy changes in your foods
  • Continually educating and providing resources so your health makes sense to you
  • Monitoring your progress as you achieve your health goals

It is my personal opinion and strong belief that the body needs nutritional healing, not drug therapy.  Nutritional healing is giving the body exactly what it needs, at the correct time, so the body can repair and create the proper healing environment it needs to function optimally.  Once the body can provide a bio-chemically sound environment, the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects all improve as well.  Everything is connected.

New levels of health are waiting for you, no matter how old, what gender or constitution you are.  If you are committed to living a healthy lifestyle, wanting to add quality to your years, then this is for you!  


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